Thursday, 11 June 2009

Monster Mash

Again, another strange scan! This is an illustration for the Monster Mash song. Instead of looking at the Monster theme i kinda went off towards the mad scientist at the beginning in his lab, and thats how this odd chemistry set was born!

Jollity Farm

I can't work my scanner all that well so i appologise about the bad scan! This is my Jollity Farm piece which is one of my favourites but was a pain to make, lino cutting is painful and takes ages!!! Its worth it though :)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Howies T-Shirt Design

Tshirt design based on the concept "Hope". Silver Lining! I enjoy drawing text and this one is one of my favourites


Crisis homelessness postcards

Things You Can't Do In Illinois

State Map project. Finding weird laws of the state was fun and quite a few seemed to be animal themed! This isnt the full finished version, the final piece has a few of the related animals on the state but i didnt get a scan of that before i handed it in, oops. The weird laws are:
No fishing off the back of a giraffe
No hitting rats with baseball bats
And it is illegal for bees to fly over a village or down any of its streets

Heinz Cowboy

Cowboy Heinz Beans advert with the rodeo bean